jueves, 30 de junio de 2011

Just another rumor?

Somebody in beyondtherubicon forum posted this picture. Fnac is a really known store (also in france and other countries) and in Spain said that Fiona Apple´s new album woulb be release in November.
I dont know if we can trust this information, ´cause i´m from Spain and here she is not very popular. I remenber that in wtp days, that album was released in 9th of november in 1999, it arrived in my country like five months later, in extraordinary machine era the album got released in 4th october and in Spain arrived like two months later. So, i don´t know, nowadays Fiona is (only a little) more famous here that she was before.
Anyway, the most strange thing for me is that after years and years of ignoring her in my country, Fnac is putting her name in upcoming releases, like she is one of the big names in music. And obviously, SHE IS.

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